Spending my holiday for photo shoot ^^

This is my glass jar, water jar, cake stand and mini cabinet collections…

I spend my holiday doing this photo shoot session…

and enjoyed it so much..

– Water Jar
– Cake stand 7″ & 10″
– Mni Cabinet 20x13x24cm
– Glass Jar
– “Joy” wood letter
– Cake Stand 7″ & 10″
– Mini Cabinet 20x13x24cm
Mini Cabinet 20x13x24
Glass Jar Collections: Dahlia – Tusco – Wina
Glass Jar: Krone 22x44cm
Glass Jar: Dahlia 26x45cm
Glass Water Jar
Simple Rattan Basket with handle, Natural Color
Size: Maxi (17x22x12,5cm) & Midi (17x22x9cm)



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