Wood Letter Collections

It’s been long time since my last post…

been busy with the Christmas Holiday… then I was sick..

Thanks for my lovely customers who always support me.. and still loyal to buy Adelh’s products, though this last 2 months, we deliver goods slower…

Today I want to post my Wood Letter collections… oh, sorry, I can’t make custom letters.. only fix ones.. because I have minimum quantity for one words and needs more time to produce.. 😦

Nevertheless, enjoy my collections…

Wood Letter Series
Wood Letter Series
Material: Wood
Finishing: White Washed / Shabby style
Bride Groom wood letter
Bride Groom wood letter
Mr Mrs wood letter
“Mr Mrs” Wood Letter
Mr: 17x17cm – Mrs: 20x17cm
Love wood letter
“Love” Wood Letter
Size: 30x17cm
Family Wood Letter
“Family” Wood Letter
Size: 45x17cm
Joy wood letter
“Joy” Wood Letter
Size: 17x17cm



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