Decoupage Fever!!!


almost a year.. I never post about my decoupage activities..

well, kinda busy with a lot of things.. but, you know.. making decoupage may brighten my day.. relaxing… ^___^

time flies so fast.. here I update about my decoupage collections..

But I still need more practices..

I hope you enjoy my creations…

*you can googling what decoupage is…

**barang2 di bawah ini sudah terjual. Dimohon untuk tidak comment untuk order/tanya harga/dsb. blog ini hanya untuk sharing, bukan berjualan. Terima kasih.

decoupage indonesia adelh gifts
Decoupage on table, tray, resin tray or rattan
love heart decoupage
Thanks for ordering, Ms. Tiffany… 3×3 decoupage drawer
decoupage rose pink
Pinky theme decoupage..
wall cabinet decoupage
I’m in love with this decoupage wall cabinet.. I might create a set of table and wardrobe with this theme..
decoupage indonesia
Decoupage on stool.. all time fave
decoupage on cookies box
somebody just ordered dozen of this decoupage boxes for hampers.. amazing.. thank you my lovely customer
decoupage decou on box
Mint Green for decoupage.. love the color.. shabby chic!

decoupage on drawers decoupage tray flower



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