Shabby chic and decoupage…

Craft is my passion… I designed these home accessories and also doing some decoupage projects…

I can take hours or days to make one project.. and I really enjoy it.. ^__^

Here are some new collections, hopefully you like them…

oh, I forgot to tell you.. this blog is only for sharing not for selling..

you can follow our FB page or emailing us at for further details..

Have a great day everyone


Adelheid Anna

Decoupage on stool.. sewing machine theme

Decoupage on stool.. sewing machine theme

one series.. decoupage surabaya

one series.. decoupage..

dekorasi dinding

papan dekorasi

decoupage indonesia

shabby chic decoupage

decoupage shabby chic indonesia

decoupage on progress

mint green pastel dekorasi

love love love.. mint green decoupage

decoupage collections indonesia

wood grain decoupage

shabby chic vintage dekorasi

one series.. blue..

decoupage on furniture surabaya

decoupage on furniture

shabby decoupage cabinet

shabby cabinet decoupage

tinware decoupage

decoupage on tinware

shabby chic furniture

shabbychic vintage furniture



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