Decoupage Madness

Hello all…

been busy with tons of decoupage projects recently.. a very loyal customer ordered almost 400

pcs of decoupage decorative items, and we had to finish them within 2 months…

Here are some of them… I didn’t have enough time to take pictures of the rest..



Decoupage on standing tray
Decoupage on standing tray
Decoupage Furniture
Decoupage Furniture – Ivory
Decoupage Surabaya
Maroon COllections – Decoupage SUrabaya
Decoupage Indonesia
Purple always be my fave color… decoupage
Adelh Gifts Decoupage
Pink Vs. Dark Green Decoupage
Red Red Red Decoupage
Adelh Decoupage
Adelh Gifts Decoupage collections
Decoupage collections
Decoupage SUrabaya
Adelh Gifts Decoupage
Purple Vs. Yellow Decoupage
Wood Grain Decoupage
Wood Grain