Everyday is Decoupage Day

Never missed a day without making decoupage…

It’s my passion.. it’s like… it is in my blood 😀

Sometimes I need a week for only think about the design.. sometimes it’s just like a click..

voila.. come out the design.. ^_^

Here are some of them… just wanna share with you..

*blog ini tidak untuk berjualan.. hanya diary pribadi owner Adelh Gifts.. BIla anda ingin melihat harga2 produk, silahkan ke http://www.AdelhGifts.com dan order ke adelhgifts@yahoo.com

thank you 🙂

keep calm drink tea

4 drawer patisserie

candies 3 boxes

cookies box krem

frame pink

mini drawer strawberry jam

purple 4 drawers

purple tray

square stool decoupage

woodland spices cabinet side view

woodland spices cabinet


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