White on white

Good day, all!
I’m toooo busy with Seasons hampers recently…
But… I’m still enjoying “some” time for taking pictures of my products..
yet still making some new creations..
Here they areeee…

Thank you Mr. JR for the new camera…
Promise, will use it wisely.. haha!

Adelheid Anna

cocktail tissue box lemon
Cocktail Tissue Box Lemon
frame resin oval a04
Resin Frame Oval
cookies 3 box
Coffee Tea Sugar, anyone?
yellow cocktail bo
Very fresh Colors!!!
mangkok shabbychic
Aw aw.. what are these?!
rotan tutup best day
Best Day Ever!
utility boxes
New creation…
utility box london
London, London, London…
utility box tulip watercolor
Lovely watercolor

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