Let’s make beautiful Tissue Box!

Hello all.. ^_^

Today I’m trying to show you how to make a beautiful tissue box using decoupage technique…
Special thanks to my best friend Gregorius Hadi and his wife (owner of Cute n Cute Photography, Surabaya), who patiently took these beautiful pictures…

Are you ready? 😀

  1. Prepare all the materials (Raw Tissue box, acrylic paint, decoupage napkins, glue, varnish, paint brush, sanding paper, decorative resin, screw, hair dryer)
  2. Paint raw tissue box with white color of acrylic paint using paint brush.
  3. Dry it!
  4. Sand it using sanding paper.
  5. Re-paint and then dry it.
  6. Cut decoupage napkins as big as the box size.IMG_2920
  7. Glue it on to the box.
  8. Take decorative resin, paint them with acrylic paint. I chose lime green color for them.
  9. Put decorative resin at the bottom corner of the box, screw them.  then, put the round one at the top, glue it using decoupage glue.
  10. Last but not least, give final touch for the tissue box using decoupage varnish. Dry it!
  11. Your beautiful tissue box is ready to brighten up your day ^_^IMG_2883


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