Enjoy every moments in my life…

Hi… I’m back again ^_^

Last Sunday, I made sweet corner for my best friend’s sister. For me, BFF is like my family.. she’s my senior high school friend.. and we have sooo many memories together.. Her name is Milasenda. ^_^

I still remember, when I was celebrating Sweet 17 birthday party, she went to my home everyday, to help me making the goodie bag. Her house is more than 30 km from my house.. but that’s what a friend for… always be there when you need her..

I also remember, when we went to Jakarta together… I stayed at her house, together with her sister, Ce Felisia. We went to Puncak for few days and then celebrating New Year Eve at Hailai together with her big family..

Eighteen years passed, and now, Ce Felisia celebrating her twin boys birthday party.
It’s an honored for me to help her making super cute Sweet Corner for the big party.
Held at De Soematra Resto, Surabaya, the party theme was Snoopy… and sweet corner theme was “Rustic” Snoopy.. woohooo!!! that was my favorite!

I really really enjoyed every single piece of it. Starting from designing the label, tag, until designing the props. I, and my team, made them all by ourselves.. and I’m very very very satisfied with the result! Good job, team!

So, here it is… Snoopy Birthday Bash of Delton & Trevor (4th Birthday) Sweet Corner.

Untuk para pengunjung blog yang berasal dari Indonesia, Sweet Corner ini hanya hobby saya saja ya… dan sebagai kado untuk my bff’s sister.. Jadi, kami masih belum menerima sweet corner untuk acara special Anda.. saat ini kami hanya menjual props / barang2 dekorasinya saja.. produk-produk yang kami jual saat ini seperti yg ada pada website Adelh Gifts (www.AdelhGifts.com).
Sekali lagi, blog ini hanya utk curhatan saya saja, seputar keseharian saya.. hehe

Thank you for loving and following my blog..

Adelheid Anna

Snoopy Sweet Corner dengan props Natural.. my fave theme!
Love every details! Thank you my sister in law for making these super cute pudding!!!!
Cupcakes by RotiRoti Surabaya. PS: I designed this wooden log cakestand special for this event, and I super love the result..!!!
Cute Snoopy KitKat Label
Pringles, anyone?
Delicious Choco Brownies and Popcorn in Snoopy Comic Wrap.
Ngga boleh ketinggalan nih.. Milk for kids! I like the Natural 3 Steps Display.. my team memang jago banget mewujudkan ide dan design2ku. Thanks Mr. Mat! You are my MatGyver! hahahaha
Rustic Snoopy Birthday Bash!
Sebelum backdrop dipasang
Beautiful Birthday Cake… my BFF, Milasenda made it…
my BFF, Milasenda (left) and Me (right)
Me (left) and Ce Felisia (Right) and Quinnela, her first daughter (front).

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