My new Diploma from Decoupage Calambour

Not only participating in International Art Decoupage Exhibition, last May, I also joined teacher class and masterclass workshop for Decoupage Calambour teachers in Taipei, Taiwan.

Together with another teachers from Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan and Thailand, I learned new techniques from Decoupage Calambour.

It was very fun! Not only learning about Decoupage, we also talked about anything else. I was so honored to be part of it.

My Diploma from Decoupage Calambour
This is Diploma for teachers only.. it means, we’re certified teacher, taught directly by Master Teacher, Silvia Mangano and Lulu Bosone as Decoupage Calambour CEO
the teachers
The masters
team Indonesia bersama calambour owner
Team from Indonesia
me.. at teacher class.. busy.. busy.. busy

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