Shabby… shabby… my Shabby and vintage style collections..

Today, I want to share some pictures of my shabby / vintage style collections..

It may not be perfect and way to far from beautiful.. but I hope you all like it πŸ™‚

Have a nice day…


-Adelheid Anna-



Soft Opening of my mini store.. :D

March 9th, 2013

it’s my soft opening date!

oh.. I also celebrated Adelh Gifts’ 4th anniversary.. (March 9th, 2009 – 2013).. how time flies so fast!

I’m more than happy on that day… my best friends, families, and dearest boyfriend came by to celebrate…

Small store for bigger steps.. πŸ™‚

Thank you, once again, for coming, for always supporting me, and for the prayer for me..


Adelheid Anna


Me & Mr. JR


Me, My BFF & her kiddos.. πŸ™‚


My crazy pals.. πŸ˜€


Thank uuu Helen for these beautiful cheesecake in jars


Thank uuu ce Niken for the flowers


Thank uu Yoan :*


My cozy shabby couch…



Me.. smiling all day long.. ^____^

Glass Jar Collections….

well.. some people called them “Apothecary Jars”…

whatever it is, I’d love to share my Glass Jar collections today..

decorate your party and dessert table with our collections..

glass jar or apothecary jar collections 2

From Left to Right:
– Mandarin: 22x70cm
– Carribean: 28x65cm
– Chelsea: 22x60cm
– Ayu: 15x45cm

glass jar collections 1

From Left to Right
-Dahlia: 20x50cm
-Tusco: 16x33cm
-Wina: 16x28cm

glass jar krone

Krone: 22x44cm

dahlia glass jar

Dahlia: 22x50cm

glass jar carribean chelsea and ayu

Spending my holiday for photo shoot ^^

This is my glass jar, water jar, cake stand and mini cabinet collections…

I spend my holiday doing this photo shoot session…

and enjoyed it so much..

– Water Jar
– Cake stand 7″ & 10″
– Mni Cabinet 20x13x24cm
– Glass Jar
– “Joy” wood letter

– Cake Stand 7″ & 10″
– Mini Cabinet 20x13x24cm

Mini Cabinet 20x13x24

Glass Jar Collections: Dahlia – Tusco – Wina

Glass Jar: Krone 22x44cm

Glass Jar: Dahlia 26x45cm

Glass Water Jar

Simple Rattan Basket with handle, Natural Color
Size: Maxi (17x22x12,5cm) & Midi (17x22x9cm)


Thematic 1st Birthday Party

Finally.. the D-Day is coming..

Livia 1st Birthday Party…. Peter Rabbit Theme ^_^

*Blog ini sekarang hanya utk curhatan yaaa… utk produk2 kami yg update dan dijual, bisa ke official website
Cara order juga silahkan check di website tsb. Terima kasih πŸ™‚

Thanks to Eenie Meenie Miny Moe for the pictures and Sweet Corner.. ^^

Glass Storage & Birthday Favor

Custom Label Wine

Wine Label Detail

Rattan Basket for Sweet Corner Decoration