My Hampers Collections…

Hi all..
it’s been a long time since my last post about my hampers collections.
Here’s the update about it..
Well.. I’m sorry I have to put such a big watermark on it.. because recently there are a lot of gift shops using my picture without permission, and put their logo on my pictures..
oh my.. I can’t imagine if customers want to buy hampers from those victim shops, and they didn’t get what they want..

Adelheid Anna
*blogs ini tidak untuk berjualan.. silahkan email ke: utk order
thank you

tea for one hampers

Tea for One in Rattan Box Hampers order from Jakarta

faith baby hampers teacup rattan

Faith One Month Baby Hampers

hampers baby born

Willbert Baby Boy Hampers

hampers bandung

Nicole Me to you theme Baby Hampers

hampers tema cars

Jason Baby Born Hampers

kaylee baby hampers teacuppot

I love this vintage baby born hampers style

personalized hampers wallclock

Another vintage design for birthday favor

souvenir sangkar

Birdcage always melt my heart..


Thematic 1st Birthday Party

Finally.. the D-Day is coming..

Livia 1st Birthday Party…. Peter Rabbit Theme ^_^

*Blog ini sekarang hanya utk curhatan yaaa… utk produk2 kami yg update dan dijual, bisa ke official website
Cara order juga silahkan check di website tsb. Terima kasih 🙂

Thanks to Eenie Meenie Miny Moe for the pictures and Sweet Corner.. ^^

Glass Storage & Birthday Favor

Custom Label Wine

Wine Label Detail

Rattan Basket for Sweet Corner Decoration