Learning New Techniques


I will never stop learning something new 😍. In January 2019 I went to Bangkok again to learn new techniques. This time, I learned from the great teacher and decoupage artist, Ece Aymer from Ankara, Turkey. I’m sooooo happy and blessed that I have chance to keep learning something new from the masters. SIFA Decoupage invited Ece Aymer to teach us in Bangkok. So we don’t have to travel too far to be taught by the master herself.

Not only learning new techniques, I also had some fun with friends from different countries but have same passions.

Ok let’s take a look the fun from my pictures below…


Bulan Januari 2019 kemarin sy kembali terbang ke Bangkok, Thailand untuk belajar teknik Decoupage yang baru dari seorang master Decoupage dari Ankara, Turki yaitu Ece Aymer.

Sebagian dari Anda mungkin sudah tidak asing dengan nama tersebut. Yup! Dan sy berkesempatan mendapatkan pengajaran langsung dari beliau.

Terus belajar selagi masih ada kesempatan ^_^.

My certificate from Ece Aymer
Me, teacher Swangsri and Ece Aymer
The Masters
Fun days!!!
Hang out after the class is a must!!!
Roof top bar at Bangkok
Wefie at SIFA Decoupage Bangkok

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